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Large Print Place is for people over 50, for people who wear reading glasses and appreciate large print. My name is Candace and I was born in 1950 which makes me a card carrying AARP member.

I am a professional webmaster (The FiftiesWeb) and I shop on the Internet a lot. Why? To save money, to broaden my choices, to save time. I've learned some Internet tips, found some great shopping sites and I'll pass them along.

Is Online Shopping Safe?
In short, yes it is.

I'm not saying that you can trust everybody. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. If you get an email and you never heard of the people before, be wary.

Think about this. What do you know about the salesperson at the mall, the cashier at the restaurant, the clerk at the filling station? Nothing. But you hand them your credit card. Called the bank recently? Those people know everything!

Most of the businesses operating on the Internet are honest, just like "brick and mortar" merchants. If you see a website and it has a nice looking interface and a good shopping cart system, chances are excellent that this site is legitimate. Those companies spend a ton of money on their sites and crooks don't usually do that.


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