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Travel Tips

In no particular order some not so obvious tips...

Remember to put your name and address inside every piece of luggage. If it gets banged around and the tags get ripped off, they can still find you.

Make your luggage distinctive. I buy colorful (and inexpensive) stickers and plaster them all over. And get rid of those old luggage tags. Don't want to confuse anybody.

Make copies of your important papers. Leave one with a friend and keep one separate from the originals.

Write down the 800 numbers for your credit cards so you know who to call if...

When travelling in a country where you do not speak the language, write down for the cab driver the addresses where you want to go. Don't rely on your ability to say it correctly.

Pack some laundry detergent. Then you can wash your undies in a sink or tub.

Office Depot
Pack a couple of those clips like you can buy at Office Depot. Some people take clothespins, but I think these are stronger. You can use them to hold together those shower curtains and drapes which never seem to close tight.

Pack safety pins, along with a sewing kit. You never know when.

If I have room, I like to throw in a small extension cord. Helpful for hair dryers, shavers etc. Sometimes the available plugs are in all the wrong places.

Ziploc bags, several sizes. You can never have enough. Pack your stuff that can leak in them and bring empties because you cannot predict what you want to buy.

I always pack an extra folding bag. You can use it for purchases. I use it for dirty clothes, which for some odd reason expand after wearing. Also, you can segregate the dirty undies from clean etc...

You probably already know to roll not fold your clothes, but I swear, putting then in a dry cleaner plastic bag helps.

Throw in a couple of dryer sheets. Makes everything smell good.

Ladies, see if you can get your shoes inside his. And inside your shoes, stuff some stockings.

Pack some of your things in his bag, and vice versa. That way if one suitcase is lost, you aren't totally without.

Ladies, if you have a digital camera - put extra batteries in your purse. Don't trust him to do this. If you have a 35 MM, save those little black film cannisters as they seal well and you can put stuff in them like your safety pins.

Pack a nightlight. Makes those middle of the night expedtions t o the bathroom manageable.

Danger, warning stuff. In the city, in cars, keep your purse on the floor or away from the window. Keep a hand on your purse when you walk. It makes it harder to lift something without your noticing. Plus, grabbing the strap won't work if you have a hand on it. Walk with purpose. Consult maps discreetly. Bad people prey more on tourists.

I don't always trust hotel locks. If you have room, pack one of those cheap rubber door stops. Might improve your nights sleep.
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